How to Retire from a Large Corporation #3: Three Key Numbers

David Larson |

Are you like many people we know in Harrisonburg and in Rockingham County who are excited about their retirement years, but are overwhelmed by the complexity and all of the numbers in front of you? When should you draw Social Security? How much will healthcare cost? How much will you actually spend in retirement? 

All these numbers are important and you should absolutely get a handle on them as you get closer to the date; but do not get overwhelmed with the complexity of the task. The goal is to stay focused on the big picture and break down three key numbers into smaller nuggets.

This blog is the third in a series, “How to Retire from a Large Corporation” and is designed to accompany an e-book by the same name.

Perhaps you feel like you have a pretty good sense of what all of the important numbers and expenses will be in retirement. That is great! However, as you near retirement there are more numbers to know and the stakes are even more important. Don’t let the complexity of retirement lead to confusion and inaction.

Planning your retirement means focusing on three key numbers.  This article dives deep into each of these areas to help you firm up your specific numbers. Those three key numbers are:

  1. Your sources or monthly income (Social Security, pension, etc.)
  2. Your liquid assets
  3. Your actual expenses per year

Does this list seem overly simplistic? You are correct, because it is simple, but this is where you need to start. To dig into the process to first estimate and then refine these numbers, consider reading the full eBook we wrote, “How to Retire from a Large Corporation". Thank you for reading!

This is the third of many blogs we are writing to help you finish strong in life. Much of the content is pulled from an eBook we wrote entitled “How to Retire from a Large Corporation.” Click here to download the document. If you would like to discuss any of these topics in more detail, you can schedule a time to talk through this link.