Who Cares About Your Financial Future?

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“Dad, you better sit down.” The nurse holding the white wand motioned me to the chair as my wife and I stared at the black and white screen of pulsating blobs. Squishing noises filled the room, and anxiousness filled our minds.

I quickly sat down to the news: “Twins!” She said cheerfully with a wide grin. Our lives will never be the same.

With a ten month-old son at home we soon began to realize the crazy times and challenges that lie ahead with three boys in diapers: A minivan, a triple stroller, and extra-large coffee mugs were all awaiting us in our future.

But while this visit to the doctor brought joy and minivans, the next visit brought fear and anxiety. “Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome“ (TTTS) were the words this time. The babies are healthy but one is taking all of the nutrients from the other. There is a very real probability one or both could die.

So what are new parents to do? Probably what most loving parents would do. First we prayed. Then we called friends and family to share the news so they could join us. Then, we went to Google.

Within a few days we had a list of over a dozen questions to ask the specialist a long drive away. After all, experts are always a long drive away, right?. The doctor with the name badge and the confident smile could only answer three of our questions. He gave us a plan, though, and ushered us out the door to schedule an appointment next week.

Emily and I looked at each other and knew we had a choice to make. Do we blindly follow the advice of the “expert”, or go back in to ask more questions. We read of a doctor in Florida who pioneered a surgery to fix the condition. Maybe he could help us chart a different course?

After a phone call, insurance approval, and a few more prayers we had plane tickets. We now had a new plan.

The next four months brought surgery, bedrest, many more prayers, and countless meals from friends. Thankfully, they also brought two healthy baby boys who would forever change our family for the better.

We often wonder what the outcome may have been if we followed the advice of the specialist. Thankfully we do not need to know.

Without question, the “expert” was very bright indeed, and he had all of the credentials and degrees to prove it. He also cares deeply for his patients, as all doctors must do.

But no matter how much he cared for us, he could never care for our babies as much as we cared for them. If we had not done the research, asked good questions, and pressed for answers, we may have lost one or both of our boys.

Your relationship with your financial advisor is very similar. He or she likely has plenty of experience, all of the certifications, the confident smile, and cares deeply for you and your family. Yet your advisor cannot possibly care as much about your future as you do! Right now, you should commit to educating yourself and taking a proactive role with your advisor.

Prepare to ask your advisor thoughtful questions. Research planning strategies and investment options. Rely on his or her expertise and guidance, but do not settle for answers you do not understand. We are in very uncertain times right now. You should be confident in your financial future. No one cares about it as much as you do, so now is the time to take action and plan.We would be honored to help you navigate your journey. To schedule a 15-minute call, please click here.

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