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David T. Larson CLU, CFP®

Wealth Advisor

My interest in investing began in middle school trading baseball cards, where I collected Ken Griffey, Jr. and Jim Thome rookie cards, hoping they would be worth a lot more in the future. Unfortunately, the mass production of the cards resulted in a loss of value and was a foundational lesson for my future career as a financial advisor.

I grew up in Wytheville, VA, the son of a college professor and a high-school teacher. In 1996, I then left home to attend the College of Business at James Madison University. While attending JMU and working at Massanutten Resort, I met a lovely girl named Emily, and we married 4 years later.

After graduation, I began my career with John Hancock, where I met many great leaders and mentors who encouraged my growth and helped me develop my own planning approach. In 2009 I completed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation, and then established my own independent firm in May of 2012.

I firmly believe we are all called to be good stewards with the resources entrusted to us. We live in a time in history where, as Americans, we have unprecedented information, wealth, and opportunities. A great deal of responsibility comes along with these blessings.

I live in Bridgewater, VA with Emily, our six creative and rambunctious kids, and our dogs Tilly and Rosie.  I enjoy hiking, travelling to new places, golfing and reading. My favorite book is Love Does, by Bob Goff. My favorite podcasts are the TED Radio Hour and Building a StoryBrand.

Tyler L. Conley CFP®

Wealth Advisor

I am a native of the Shenandoah Valley where I attended Broadway High School and then completed my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Bridgewater College. Growing up I’ve always been interested in the world of business and finance. This career is perfect for me, because I have always enjoyed collaborating with others. When I work with clients to guide them, I am able to educate them as we work together to make important decisions.

I believe in the mission of enhancing the lives of those around me. Throughout my life, many coaches and mentors and have guided me through important decisions I’ve made. These individuals have impacted my life greatly, and these experiences have made it clear that my calling is to help others make decisions that will have the most positive effect on their life.

My hobbies include playing sports, hunting, golfing, and reading. I was a member of Bridgewater College baseball team and I am currently a member of the Clover Hill Bucks RCBL baseball team. Other topics that I am passionate about are education, economics, well-being, and organizational culture.

My favorite book on investing is The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. Some of my favorite authors/speakers are Michael Lewis, Daniel Pink, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, and George Orwell. My favorite podcasts are The Daily Stoic, Making Sense, and StarTalk.

I currently reside in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Matthew Gray CFP®

Wealth Planner

Finances have been an interest of mine ever since my mom started giving me an allowance. I received the amount of my age in dollars once a month, and she taught me to create a zero-based budget. Those money lessons stuck with me and developed into a passion to help people make sensible financial decisions.

I grew further in this interest while studying at Wingate University where I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. During my time as a college student, I learned the value of genuine service working at Chick-fil-A and honed my coaching skills tutoring high school debaters. Because of this background, I decided to look for a career that combined relationship building, clear communication, and fiscal intelligence. The financial services industry found me soon after!

It is my conviction that I am called to serve those around me with the utmost honor and respect. In my experience, people desire to work with others who not only offer value but are genuine and humble. This is why I believe in having a positive impact on everyone I meet while striving to go the extra mile.

Although originally from Charlotte, NC, I moved to the Shenandoah Valley to marry my beautiful wife and best friend, McKenzie. My favorite hobbies include hiking, skiing, disc golf, and reading. Among my favorite books are Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Essentialism by Greg McKeown. I am an avid fan of Star Wars, the Carolina Hurricanes, and great food.

Seth Showalter

Client Services Associate

Business and finance have been an interest to me for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I took every opportunity I could to participate in business, whether detailing airplanes, assembling and selling products at local craft shows, or buying and reselling toys online. These experiences gave me an appreciation for hard work and stoked my fascination for numbers and business.

I learned about customer service and process efficiency by working at Chick-fil-a and InterChange, Inc. My interest in business continues to grow as I work to complete a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership through Waldorf University online.

I believe that one of the most important things we can do is to help others by listening well, asking good questions, and offering our skills where we can. I believe that working here at LWM will allow me to live out what is most important by helping others in these ways.

I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley and currently live in Mount Sidney. My hobbies include music, hiking, reading, snowboarding, and riding my motorcycle. Two of my favorite books are Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey and Living Life Backward by David Gibson.

Jordan Mitchell

Client Services Associate

I come to LWM with a background in and a passion for great customer service. My mother taught us through stories of her work how to be kind, professional, and go above and beyond. I strive to follow her example everyday. My professional development began with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts which taught me to make every moment with guests 'sweet'. I enjoyed making special moments happen and went on to work for several years in the food and beverage industry learning from some of the best. In 2018 I made the exciting transition to the world of finance. I began assisting executive teams with their day-to-day operations and had the opportunity to work on all aspects of the client experience. I look forward to continuing to grow in this industry and provide those special moments for clients along the way.

I am originally from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and moved to the Shenandoah Valley to attend Bridgewater College. I was an early graduate and received a Bachelors of Science degree in Communication Studies. I currently reside in Timberville with several thriving houseplants, a great view of West Virginia, and my fiancé, Alan.

I am a member of the board for the Clover Hill Bucks RCBL team and a registered notary public for the Commonwealth of Virginia. I spend my time outside of the office baking, taking yoga, and exploring all the wonderful things our community has to offer.

I enjoy the writing of David Foster Wallace and Douglas Adams. My favorite book is ‘The Irresistible Revolution’ by Shane Claiborne. My favorite podcast is ‘A Way with Words’. 

Susan Holsinger

I graduated from James Madison University with a BS in Economics and a Master of Business Administration.  I started my career with Rockingham Memorial Hospital (now Sentara RMH) in 1981 and continued in healthcare financial leadership for over 35 years.

I met David Larson when he was first starting his career with John Hancock.  He advised my husband and I in the areas of Life and Long-Term Care insurance.  Over the years, he helped us formulate a plan of saving for major purchases and our children’s college funds and he continues to advise us now as we begin our retirement years.

I live in Broadway VA with my husband, Jeff.  We have two grown sons and two grandchildren who are a joy to spoil.  I enjoy working out at the gym, biking and playing pickleball.  On Sunday mornings, I am the organist at Sunset Drive United Methodist Church. 

I have enjoyed working with the LWM team as a client, and now I am excited to be a member of the team to show respect, instill confidence and provide a high level of customer service to our clients and community.