If you own a business, you face opportunities and challenges that are unique and require careful planning. We can help, and we understand because we own a business too. You may be asking...

  • How Am I Going To Sell My Business When I Am Ready, Or Pass It To The Next Generation?

    When you first started your business, you were solely focused on serving your customers and building up your employees. This care and attention has rewarded you with a thriving business, great customers, and loyal co-workers. Now that you have achieved success, you need to focus on the next leg or your journey.

    All too many business owners spend so much time “in” the business that they do not focus “on” the business. This is a critical mistake and directly affects the value of your business when you look to transition to retirement. Whether you are 40 or 60, your family and employees depend on you to make the best financial decisions for your company. We will help you make the important decisions in seeking to increase your chances of success.

  • Is Our Company Retirement Plan Good? Is It In Compliance?

    The 401(k) landscape has changed greatly over the years. We have found that many older 401(k) plans are not efficient, have limited investment options, and higher fees. Still others are out of compliance and expose the business owner to regulatory risk.

    Are you investing as much as you would like into your plan?  Do your employees appreciate and take advantage of this benefit? How much are you and your employees paying for the plan? You should know the answers to these questions. We know you are busy with your business, so we help you find the answers without taking up a lot of your time.

  • How Do I Ensure My Key Employees Stick Around?

    You have dedicated so much time and energy to build up your best people. The best companies are able to keep their best people. As the owner, you need to provide them with an environment that will fulfill them and give them purpose. You also need to provide them with the right benefits package that will encourage them to stick around when times get rough. An honest discussion with an advisor who puts your interests first can lead to better outcomes. 

    To have the type of discussion where we make these decisions with you, not for you, please contact us to schedule a meeting.