Am I Maximizing Tax Strategies?

Most of our clients work with a qualified CPA to help them with their tax planning and filing. We do not prepare tax returns or file taxes for our clients and we have several relationships with quality CPA firms we regularly introduce our clients to as needed. However, we are extensively familiar with the tax code and many tax strategies, and often educate our clients in these areas. For many clients, we arrange a 5-10 minute “huddle” conference call with their CPAs once or twice per year. Often times more extensive planning is needed and we host meetings with your CPA and attorney. For clients who file taxes themselves, we suggest strategies that seek to determine the most effective way to manage IRA contributions and withdrawals, charitable gifts, and other strategies.

Regardless of how simple or complex the tax situation is, we find that many of our clients benefit by taking a proactive approach with their planning, and we walk alongside them to make decisions that will have benefits now and into the future.

We also have a free guide for you to download here:  5 Tax Strategies Retirees Often Overlook

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