When Can I Retire?

We think a better question is “When do you want to be able to retire?” Retirement is very personalized: You have your own unique view of how to live out your life and our focus is to help you work towards realizing that vision. When interest rates were higher, many advisors suggested that you could draw income for 30 years if you draw 5% or 6% of your portfolio each year, but with low rates and longer life expectancies, some studies have made the argument that even a 4% withdrawal rate may be too high for some.

Many retirees underestimate their expenses in retirement. Healthcare, travel, charity, and family are priorities that have been important to you during your income-earning years, and they are likely even more important as you begin your retirement. We feel it is important to gain complete confidence and clarity over your current and future expenses in seeking to increase your chances of a successful retirement.